It is so much easier for my son to navigate his day and he's actually having more fun learning. He's in charge of his learning process and has a fantastic mentor and support. Maria helped him grow; creating a beautiful resume with him and offering a sense of ease and confidence that is not offered in public schooling. My son has told his friends this experience; he feels good about the person he is and about his future.



My kids had an instant connection with Maria. They have enjoyed working with her and know they can get in touch with her right away if they have any questions. She has also helped them with things outside of their courses like writing resumes, personal development, job connections and the college application process. They consider her a friend as well as a consultant.



Working with Maria helped my daughter have faith in me as her teacher, she knew I had a person to go to if I had questions. Maria took the stress away from having to plan how I was going to keep track of everything. Homeschooling is scary but honestly the scariest part is just taking that first step. If it wasn't for Maria, I probably would have never chosen to do this. 


Maria is thoughtful with every curriculum decision she makes for your child, based on parent feedback and what the future looks like for the child. As an example, our daughter was homeschooled for almost 3 years and her desire was to start public high school in 9th grade. Maria got her up to speed with 8th grade public school requirements and curriculum so she would be prepared.

Both of my children received a well-rounded, organized, and intentional education for their specific needs. Maria took the immense pressure off of our shoulders!


I do not like the direction the public school is heading in at all. I trust Maria's guidance and feel like if there is something we are unsure of, The Homeschool Admin is my go-to for connections and information we need. 

Also, I appreciate the skill you have for drafting the transcripts for the girls. Also, getting different ideas on subjects when the kids are not interested in what we are doing.

I've kept Maria for two years and have found her helpful along every step of the home school journey. 

She has been an invaluable resource and is very knowledgeable in the different options for homeschooling. 

We have made many adjustments over the past couple of years, and she is always willing to make suggestions and redirect if something is not working. 

We would highly recommend working with The Homeschool Admin if you are considering homeschool for your kids.


Maria helps me focus on making this happen, carving out those two hours daily and not worrying about the actual schedule: the what, the when, and the how. 

Working full time at a newer job is challenging but I'm grateful that I work from home and CAN do this. However, there are time constraints and sometimes, I focus a little too much on work and not the little one that I should be working on. The Homeschool Admin helps give me the ability to juggle both, ease the stress of the logistics and accomplish the daily tasks, to just check the box off. 

Yes, it is an investment, but I'm in control and I don't have to worry about unteaching my son ... just teaching him to be the best little boy he can be as God made him. 


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