About The Homeschool Admin

The Homeschool Admin is here to support your vision and your family's goals and objectives. 

Founded in 2021 by Maria Galyean, The Homeschool Admin provides organization & management services to homeschool families.

Founder & CEO

Maria Galyean, MLS

Maria started her career as an early childhood educator in childcare and Head Start programs before becoming a nanny. After finishing her Master of Leadership Studies at The University of Maine, she focused a lot of her energy advocating for medical freedoms and rights for Maine students. Maria founded The Homeschool Admin in 2021 as infringements on family and student rights continued on a global level from 2019 into 2020. 

She decided to answer the calls from her community to offer her education and experience as a service for homeschooling families. When she put her gifts together with her values it was an easy calling to answer. Upon marrying her backgrounds in leadership, education, and child and youth development she came to find her true north. Along the way, she's served new, and veteran homeschool families helping them to optimize their experience - creating rhythm and flow for learners and parents alike.