About Me

The Homeschool Admin is here to support your vision and your family's goals and objectives. 

Founded in 2021 by Maria Galyean, The Homeschool Admin provides organization & management services to homeschool families.

Maria Galyean, MLS

I am an independent educator and homeschool consultant who works with new, would-be, and veteran homeschool families struggling to engage their learners and keep organized records of their progress. Unlike other homeschool services, I specialize in creating 1:1 personalized curriculum for learners and coach on educational mindset changes for parents, so you can finally feel good about homeschooling.

With my comprehensive self-exploration homeschooling methodology, The Blueprint, I empower learners and parents alike to overcome doubts they have about being able to pursue an education at home. Through self-discovery practices and activities, I tailor the curriculum so as a family you can execute micro-tasks toward you learner's goals and desired educational outcomes. 

HOW IT ALL STARTED ... During my undergraduate scholarship I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Child and Youth Development leading me to start my career as an early childhood educator in childcare and Head Start programs before becoming a nanny. After finishing my Master of Leadership Studies degree at The University of Maine, I focused a lot of my energy advocating for medical freedoms and rights for Maine students. I founded The Homeschool Admin in 2021 as infringements on family and student rights continued on a national level from 2019 onward. 

I decided to answer the calls from my local community to offer my education and experience as a service for homeschooling families. When I put my gifts together with my values it was an easy calling to answer; upon marrying my backgrounds in leadership, education, and child and youth development I came to find my true north. Along the way, I have served new and veteran homeschool families helping them to optimize their experience - creating rhythm and flow for learners and parents alike.

I am a wife and mother to two children (infant and middle schooler) in Scarborough, Maine. I love to dance, garden, cook, and sometimes paint, draw, and write. My core values are faith, family, freedom, and child advocacy. I hope to serve you sometime and if you have questions, just ask - I'd love to support you on your homeschooling journey.